odd weekend

Yea, so I went to Reno this weekend. Who goes to Reno on purpose? Me, I guess. Wow, it was surreal. I was joking that it would be exactly like Renoo 911! and you know what? It was. Even though the show is not even filmed there. I am also recognizing the judging way I am looking at Reno, especially regarding class. It just had an air of desperation. People have nothing to look forward to but gambling. I was up at 7:30 one morning and took a walk around. I don’t think people even left the casino. And we stayed at the world’s creepiest hotel- Circus Circus. My god. At one point I was up $5 at the slots and I forced myself to quit while I was ahead. Of course, I spent that $5 on Advil to cure the headache I had the entire time. Oh, and I did win a jackpot, except it wasn’t in the main casino- it was in the midway, where all you win is tickets that you can trade it for useless bullshit prizes. I won about 600 tickets at once. The lights were all flashing and all the 13 year old hooligans were jealous.

Ah, the beautiful landcape of cheap motels and randon public storage facilities.


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