good reads

Believe it or not, these days I am finding time to read other stuff besides Sweet Valley High.

You all know how much I love James St. James. His memoir Disco Bloodbath was entertaining but wasn’t exactly a literary feat, so I was skeptical about his first fiction novel. But I haven’t laughed so hard at a book since Superstud. Or found a story, well, endearing. The main character, no doubt based on the author, is an extremely flamboyantly gay teenager who is beginning school at an ultra-conservative, WASPY, private school. The observations and interactions are of course wuite entertaining, but he is violently harassed, which, not too funny, but it addressed, albeit satirically. Finally he befriends the popular boy in school, who it turns out has a touch of the gay. I usually don’t say this about books, but this would make a fantastic movie. And I’d like to see Zac Efron in the role of the pretty popular boy.

Mortified is a collection of writings, memoirs, letters, etc. from various people’s teenage years. Mostly people’s exerpts from their journals. I’ve considered putting pieces of my childhood journals on this blog, but then thankfully decided against it. Again, incredibly hilarious and also a little but sad. The best ones are one miserable boy’s correspondence with his parents from camp, some embrassing Duran Duran fan fiction, and unsent love letters. I think this is also based on a stage show.


2 thoughts on “good reads

  1. Have you heard about Tom Perrota’s new book, The Abstinence Teacher? I just finished it, and I loved it. I think you would enjoy it too. It’s quite funny and deals with a lot of interesting themes (religion, education, suburbia, midlife romance, etc.).

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