I watched Sicko this weekend. I really despise Michael Moore. I take that back. I really despise the way he presents and argues his case. Clearly, I agree that healthcare in the US is an incredibly flawed system. And that’s the understatement of the year. But, I also hate the way Michael Moore will present information, and then ask really condescending questions and start name-calling. I do agree that these private health insurance companies do create more problems and are not helping the people that fundamentally need the help. But I feel he is ignoring the major point- that these private enterprises exist basically because of capitalism. The type of economy drives it. These high powered CEOS of the companies are certainly no angels, but it’s like solely blaming these 18 year old kids killing people in Iraq for the Iraqi war. They were put in that position because of a larger system is in place that systematically oppresses everyone. I feel like Moore constantly ignores that.

His protest methods really piss me off too. It’s mostly for show and not at all productive. Sure, taking the group of 9/11 rescue workers to Guantnamo Bay makes for good movie footage, but what the hell did he expect? It was like in Bowling for Columbine when he storms into Charlton Heston’s home and when old Charlie gets peeved, Moore is all “you’ve proved my point!” No, it’s kind of because you broke into this person’s house. I guess that is also the argument between radical protest methods v. working with the system. And the whole paying the guy who runs his hate website for his wife’s operaton? It just REEKS of egotism and manipulation.

I found his visits to Great Britain and France incredibly ignorant. Sure, their universal healthcare system does have its benefits, but he only showed a white, upper class view that made these countries seem utopian. Both countries have significant poverty and their share of issues. Also, how can he completely gloss over the way that race and racism affect US Healthcare? A large majority of the people profiled in the movie were white. And race definiately has lots to do with it.

From a pure documentary and cinematic standpoint, this one was not as quality as his others. I’s actually like to see him do something on the obesity/trans fat craze, maybe go deeper into the things Supersize Me left out.


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