The Worst albums of 2007, part one

Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, let’s just clarify that this entire blog consists of editorial content. That means it is clearly subjective. I am okay with people with differing opinions, but whenever I do these things, I inevitably get someone who starts cursing at me and calling me an idiot. Which is not necessary. My definition of bad, as used here, means either incredibly disappointing, overproduced, not worth the hype, or total letdowns. Clearly there were several horrible albums released this year, but really to name all of them would be ridiculous. These are ones that I came across in my travels which left really bad tastes in my mouth. And ears.

Edit: this is a four-part list. See the other crappy albums here.

The Arctic Monkeys, Favorite Worst Nightmare.
Fresh on the heels of their debut over hyped album, they shit this one out real quick hoping their accents and overall hipness would save it. The songs all sound the same to me, does nothing for me.

Ash, Twilight of the Innocents
Ash have essentially given up gaining a following in the US, but they are not really pleasing anyone right now. Gone were the days of “Girl From Mars” or any semblance of a good song. Even the album cover is half-assed. It looks like I just made it on Microsoft publisher.

Rilo Kiley, Under the Blacklight

How can a band go from having one of the top five albums of the 21st century release something so boring? Jenny Lewis went off for a while and did her solo country album, which was decent, but Jenny, it’s not about you. This album tries to be country and pop, and it bored me to tears. So sad.

The Horrors, Strange House.
I don’t get it. I like garage punk, the Misfits, and British bands that dress well. So why don’t I like this album? I am really missing something.

Cartel, Cartel.

It’s not because they are pop-punk, or a bit cheesy, or the teenies love them. Even the publicicty stunt of living in a bubble while they recorded this album couldn’t help it from sucking miserably.

More to come. I am assembling my best of 2007 list as we speak. Unless something comes out in the next six weeks, I think I’m almost done.


8 thoughts on “The Worst albums of 2007, part one

  1. I used to be on the same page with you about the ‘Monkeys, but lately I’ve been listening to Favourite Worst Nightmare more, and I actually like it…a lot….EEEK! Sorry. Rilo Kiley-interesting. I remember when this album came out it got a decent amount of attention, but I never bought it. Guess I made the right coice. The Horrors…are a well named band. Good grief. My worst albums of the year were Britney Spears (zombie pop), Hilary Duff (So you dated a rock star and he dumped you–GET OVER IT), Mika (“Grace Kelly” was great, but the rest was dull), Air (Disappointing after the awesome Talkie Walkie), The Editors (An End Has a Start was lazy and unfocused ompared to The Back Room), and LCD Soundsytem (snooze).

  2. There were a lot of honestly bad records released this year but ultimately I never took enough time to listen to them to know how bad they really are. Rather I did take a lot of time to listen to records that, compared to the hype building up to their respective releases, were bad. Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of the Stone Age, Common, so on and so forth…a lot of albums that were alright, but fairly weak sauce when compared to how good they should have been.

  3. I stopped reading after the Arctic Monkeys one. It’s always obvious people don’t have a clue when they don’t know their facts. Since when were the Arctic Monkeys cockneys? They’re from Sheffield.

  4. I hate to get anal but to call Arctic Monkeys cockney is simply incorrect. I realise that England’s a little country but AM come from Sheffield (in the north) not London (in the south)
    Also, I’m a bit unsure as to what (aside from the cover) makes you say that Ash’s album is bad.

  5. I have no serious arguments here. There are definitely worse albums, but when you don’t expect something to be good, you can’t really be disappointed. Though I never really bought into the Monkeys hype in the first place.

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