The Other Boleyn Girl trailer

The trailer is out, and it is all kind of wrong.

This looks like the most horribly miscast movie ever. Henry the VIII is supposed to be stupid, large, and kind of ugly. Eric Bana, although I lurve him, is non of those things. I guess to pull in audiences, they gotta put the hottie.

It looks like they even got the plot wrong from the book. in the trailer it makes it look like the King fell in love with Ann first, which was not the case.

Scarlett, shut up. I hate you. And your character is supposed to be thirteen. I guess they couldn’t show the sex scenes. Speaking of which, they make it look like it is consensual and really hot. When, really, she just kind of lies there and lets the King have his way, and she doesn’t actually enjoy it.

Natalie, your accent is horrendous.

Sigh, another book I love gone to shit.


3 thoughts on “The Other Boleyn Girl trailer

  1. This movie was supposed to come out in December, but it was pushed back to March. Generally when that happens it means the studio deemed the film not good enough to be an Oscar contender–not a good sign.

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