List: Worst albums of 2007, part 2

Check out Part one.

LCD Soundsystem, Sounds of Silver
Sounds of boredom.

Simian Mobile Disco, Attack Sustain Release
I have made several attempts to really sit down and listen to this, but I can’t even tell you about the songs they are so insignificant.

Bright Eyes, Cassadaga
I’m over it.

Blaqk Audio, Cex Cells
AFI’s Davey Havock attempts and electoclash record. What you have is the soundtrack to a bad porno. How can I take a band that has a song called “Stiff Kittens” seriously?

She Wants Revenge, This is Forever
Interpol and Hot Topic want their identities back.

Reel Big Fish, Money For Nothing and Your Chimps for Free
I feel bad putting this there because I really adore RBF. They have been around a while, but once the 3rd wave ska trend came along they rode the shit out of it, and deserved to. Now that’s over, and the guys are clinging to it. This album is like the equivalent of them playing karaoke at a New Jersey truck stop and crying about where their careers went.

The Donnas, Bitchin’
The Donnas’ moment passed about 10 years ago. Stop making records.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Some Loud Thunder
I still cannot understand the hype. I really tried, I really did.

The Oohlas, One Stop Pop
Strike one is that they are on Ultragrrl’s obnoxious record label, Stolen Transmission. Strike two is that they are horrible.


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