Marry me Zachary Quinto

I’ve really held back on posting the hot celebrity pics on here, mostly because it was out of control and mostly because I now have this. However, I have a new celeb obsession that I need to shout to the world! I need to shout it to the rooftops!

Zachary Quinto. Damn. The moment he cut open someone’s heads and ate their brains on Heroes I knew it was meant to be. I haven’t fell this hard since Ewan McGregor.

And then even better news- my prominently-browed imaginary boyfriend will be playing a young Spock in the Star Trek movie. Is it wrong that him with the Spock ears totally does it for me? I’m sick.

Did a little research and found he played the gay assistant on So NoTORIous. I considered renting the season on dvd, but really, that’s going too far. So I managed to snag this clip, if you sit through the first half of Tori’s horse face, you can see Zinto half naked in a sauna making out with another man.


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