List: Worst albums of 2007, part 4

It’s time for the worst of the worst!

Electric Six, I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master
Wtf. This band was a novelty act with that song “Danger! High Voltage!” about 4 years ago. Someone forgot to tell them to stop making albums.

Evanescence, The Open Door
When your founder and main songwriter leaves the band, that should be a hint. But no, Amy Lee decides she needs to continue to be the real life version of Emily the Strange and “write” deep songs about her ex-boyfriend from shitty bands and try to write about being depressed with a song called “Lithium”. Shit, I doubt that she even knows who Nirvana is.

Good Charlotte, Good Morning Revival
Sure, GC may be an easy target, but let’s not forget, their earlier album was actually on my best of 2000s list. But when you knock up Nicole Richie and hang out at the Ivy, where does your motivation to write songs come from? What do you even write about? You get this where they “experiement” with “rapping” and seem to take themselves way too seriously.

Joanna Newsom, Joanna Newsom and the Ys Street Band
This is the biggest example of The Emperor’s New Clothes of music of the year. Makes my ears bleed maggots.


5 thoughts on “List: Worst albums of 2007, part 4

  1. When I heard Electric Six’s “High Voltage” I completely understood what made people want to go into a Mc Donalds and randomly kill people. It makes me that angry….

    Re:Amy Lee…she really should take a leaf out of King Charles 1st book, Quit while you’re a head…

  2. my boyfriend (and the rest of the universe apparently) loves joanna newsome…i thought i was alone on an alien planet in my hate…until i saw that you felt the same…let us unite and take over the world!

  3. Disagree with you completely on Electric Six. Maybe the sun warped your CD / harddrive / iPod. What I heard was eclectic, fresh and a lot of fun.

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