you know you are getting old when

you are watching the newly released My So-Called Life dvd box set and you realize that Angela is a brat to her parents and relate a bit more to her parents. Angela, why so self-centered? Also, I used to be in LURVE with Jordan Catalano but this time around found him to be dumb and shallow (but oh so cute). Also, Brian Krakow is probably the better choice. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I guess that’s growing old for you.


2 thoughts on “you know you are getting old when

  1. couldn’t agree with you more…seeing episodes now i can barely tolerate angela as she’s so irrational and jordan seems like the kind of guy who if he ever deigns to be with you will cheat on you almost immediately…brian is the far superior male and the guy who with a little female assistance in the looks area could be the heartbreaker good guy..i hate getting old…and smart and logical.

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