The only Xmas songs I can tolerate

Having never celebrated Christmas, there’s a lot I just don’t get. Don’t you ever get sick of Christmas music? Hearing the same songs year after year? Do you realize that they are terrible? I want to kill whoever wrote “Jingle Bell Rock”….I just checked Wikipedia. It’s some guys from the !960s. And everyone who sings “Silent Night” is totally out of tune- that’s a hard key to sing in. Aren’t there any new Christmas songs that catch on and become tradition? I thought it would be “This One’s For the Children” but I guess I was wrong. Okay, Okay, there are three songs that I can stand to hear during Christmastime. I would love to see

U2, christmas-baby-please-come-home.mp3
Yes, I know this is a cover. But back when U2 weren’t making ipods they made it really kick ass.

Mariah Carey, all-i-want-for-christmas-is-you.mp3
I think this song was designed by scientists from Nasa to make it impossible to hate it.

No Doubt, oi-to-the-world.mp3
If you can believe it, once upon a time, No Doubt was a ska band and Gwen Stefani’s ego was not as big. If all Xmas music was like this, I’d put on my checkered suspenders and docs and totally convert.

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