My favorite part about New Year’s

is of course, the roundup of best-of lists. Most importantly, my own. I couldn’t help but get a jump on my top albums of the year list. This year I decided to go for a numbered list, although it really is more like 5 tiers of like than each one ranked individually. This may change because I always forget to add something last minute, but here’s the beginning.

50. Imperial Teen; The Hair, The TV, The Baby, The Band

49. Black Francis, Bluefinger
This is why the Pixies do not need to reunite: Frank Black does just fine on his own.

48. Robbers on High Street, Grand Animals

47. Earlimart, Mentor Tormentor

46. Rooney, Calling the World
Who would have though that the band would last, and they could make a decent album? I didn’t.

45. Say Hi, The Wishes and the Glitch

44. Voxtrot, Voxtrot

43. Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris

42. Saturday Looks Good to Me, Fill Up the Room

41. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Is Is


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