pop culture round up

First things first…how awful is the SATC movie trailer? I can’t bring myself to watch. Please let me know how horrid it is. [youtube link]

Um…uh…I need to be alone for a minute.

I’m Learning To Share!: Fashion ads from Ebony Magazine, 1970 – ’76

Black Kids: Artist to Watch 2008 Hate the name, love this band.

The Joker Revealed Early! – Superhero Hype! Looks pretty stupid, imo.

A First Show for Banksy in New York Went overnight from vandalizing subway cars to being a favorite of Brangelina.

It’s news like this that made me wish I never left New York.

Seth Rogen’s Girlfriend: Pissy, Pretty [Snap Judgment] I am so jealous I could scream.

Christian Bale needs to understand that he doesn’t need to take EVERY ROLE HE IS OFFERED.

Whaaaa? Dropkick Murphys on CNN?

Speed Racer movie: stupid or awesomely kitschy?

Anthiny Bourdain + Queens of the Stone Age + food = my ultimate fantasy


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