some gripes I have with Lost

okay, so I am halfway in the first season, and totally obsessed. Aren’t you glad Battlestar Galactica isn’t the only show I will gush over now? I have a hard time with suspension if disbelief, so I have some questions for the producers/writers:

  • Why is there only one actual Australian person on a flight from Australia (Claire)?
  • Why were there only conventionally good looking people on this flight? Oh, except for Hurley, who plays the fat-guy-for-comic-relief-role.
  • Did Kate’s personal hairstylist also crash on the flight? Why do her curls always look freshly done?
  • Where are the gays?
  • Aren’t their forty-something survivors? I know that you can’t have an ensemble cast of 47-but was there an extras strike while filming? I guess they weren’t good-looking enough to be stranded.
  • Wow, everyone has great skin after being in the sun for a week.
  • Casting: why did you make Sawyer so attractive? He is a gross, misogynist sociopath, but I want him. I am so conflicted.
  • People seem to recover from injuries super-quick. Dislocated shoulders, being punched multiple times, stab wounds, it all heals by the next day.

5 thoughts on “some gripes I have with Lost

  1. also, 40 days on a desert island, and the guys all have some sort of a beard, but the ladies have not a hair to be seen on legs or other places WHERE HAIR GROWS MIGHTY QUICK. See also that French woman (16 years!)… Survivor is the same way. what gives? It’s like American TV audiences can handle only certain types of “roughing it.”

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