The Hills are alive with the sounds of crap

Omg! Stop the press! The Hills may actually not be real! My world has been turned upside down. It’s no secret that I am drawn to this show like I am drawn to picking my scabs. I know I shouldn’t do it, it will be painful, and the long-term affects of doing it is awful. However, watching it has made me done some internal reflecting:

  • I may actually may have more friends than Lauren does. I mean, I know her and Audrina are besties, but do they hang out with anyone else? They go out all the time, don’t you think they would meet other people?
  • Lauren must be a genius. is she even still in school? When does Lauren study? Does she bring her books to Le Deux?
  • Their parties are so freaking boring. That Halloween party? I just organized an office lunchtime potluck that was crazier than that.
  • Whitney may be the only barely tolerable girl on the show. I just wish someone would tell her that she doesn’t need to add an extra “k” to the end of words ending in “ing.”
  • My god, these gals are even more awkward on first dates than I am. Which is really scary.
  • Justin Bobby? Kind of hot. Just sayin’.
  • I hate when Whitney and Lauren freeze out NY intern Emily. At least she DOES HER JOB AND HAS SOME AMBITION! Lauren sits around with a dumb look on her face always waiting to be told what to do.

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