little known fact: horses scare the bejeezus out of me

Hold on tight little girl, because horses and or/robotic horses will overtake humans one day. I’m not sure which ones, but it will happen.

So the hot new toy this year is Butterscotch, a robotronic horse that responds to touch, petting, grooming, and the feeding of a fake carrot. You can also sit on it and when you “bounce up and down” it will make galloping noises. Er, um. Apparently it is all the rage and costs $300. Another fact about it: it is fucking scary. Look at it! What is with that facial expression. I saw the demo in Target and it creeped me out so much I ran and ducked in the Issac Mizrahi section. Horses are also scary animals. They act all docile but in fact in a rage, once horse can probably kill several humans at once. I know the social brainwashing prescribes that all little girls love horses, but I was all, I’ll stick to my 11 1/2 inch Barbies, thankyouverymuch.

Oh my god, there is another one, called S’mores.

Ick. It’s eyes follow you no matter where you go.

No thanks, I’ll stick to Magic Hair Bratz. Or the Hannah Montana special collection. Or the gayest doll ever.


3 thoughts on “little known fact: horses scare the bejeezus out of me

  1. A horse once sat on one of my coworkers and crushed her arm. Yeah, you read that right: It *sat* on her. And apparentlly it refused to get up for the longest time. My friend was Borgified after that, wearing some sort of mechanical arm with all kinds of metal rods sticking out of it. It was really unfortunate. Fucking horses.

  2. Aibo 2.0 ?

    Well, hopefully, my Christmas wish will come true and technology will vanish overnight. And we will all be forced to use real ponies to go to work.

  3. omfg…I just peed my pants reading your Butterscotch entry. My kid just turned two and we were terrified that that thing would show up at our house. We dodged that bullet. For now.

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