The Gum Thief

As a stand alone novel, it was nothing life-changing. But as a rabid Douglas Coupland fan, any prose that he writes is genius to me. He has a knack for writing a train of thoughts from “ordinary” people that make them fascinating. One of the characters is also writing a novel called Glove Pond, which reads almost like a Bret Easton Ellis novel. How does he do it? Is his writing effortless? Or does he excruciate over every sentence? I think these are my favorite Coupland novels, from favorite to least-favortie.

Girlfriend in a Coma
Eleanor Rigby
Shampoo Planet
Hey Nostradamus!
The Gum Thief
Generation X
All Families are Psychotic
Life After God
Polaroids from the Dead
Miss Wyoming
(I totally loathed this one)


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