yea so

I just got a copy of the new Nada Surf album that will be released in 2008. I’m in shock. Haven’t listened yet.

Believe it or else, I may have already found my top album of 2008. It’s Sons and Daughters new album, The Gift. Brilliant.

Dr. Tobias Funke may make an appearance on Scrubs. Maybe as an “analrapist”? That’s a combination of analyst and therapist, you sickos.

I was previously ignoring the fact that this movie even existed, but can you believe this is the voice of Simon?

The Dark Knight trailer leaked. When I watched it, something else leaked. My god, I talk about this movie a lot. Last time I babbled on about a movie coming out so much is was Brokeback Mt. Both starring Heath Ledger. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing.


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