Drive Shaft rulz!

Okay I am about three-quarters into the first season of Lost, and I’ve lost momentum. I’ve heard it gets bad than second season gets better, right? I actually could do without the flashbacks, quite frankly. [If I hear about Drive Shaft one more time…]I think you could do some character development with people’s actions on the island. Also, can we get an acting coach on set? Each actor has one facial expression they revert back to when stuck. [Jack] condescending scowl [Locke] amused smirk [Shannon] snotty frown [Sawyer] angry furrowed brow [Sun] scared subserviance and [Kate] blank stare. Seriously, and the impossibilities are getting to me.

I love how they are all wandering around a few square miles of island and always just happen to run into each other. And they are willingly all going in alone knowing that King Kong is loose in the jungle. Jack conveniently runs into people to get plot advancement info.

Seriously, who are these people who are not the main characters? Do they get a say in anything? Doesn’t one of them want to stand up to Saint Jack and Sawyer and say “just do it and get it over with already! I’m starving.” They are only useful for standing in the background and during golf tournaments.

Seems that Pier One has generously donated some of their decorative tiki torches.

Why are Jack and Kate all chummy chummy flirt flirt one episode after she was lying to him about the metal case ordeal (which was such a snooze). Why are Sun and Jin all lovey-dovey now? Did she momentarily forget that he is an abusive husband? And you’d think someone would have the idea to MAYBE teach him some basic English phrases to help with survival. And wasn’t Claire kidnapped? They seemed to forget about her a while and had some gold tournaments thrown in there.
Why the fuck does Shannon keep changing her earrings? I hope it’s not too many more episodes before the incest twins die. I’m over them.

They let Sawyer have the gun for two days  and didn’t try to get him back? Do they remember anything from the last week?

Someone please rifle through Sawyer’s loot and try and find a bra for Kate.

Ok, the hint that Walt is “special” somehow. If one more show uses the idea of people having special powers, I am going to scream.


4 thoughts on “Drive Shaft rulz!

  1. It’s like I’m watching it all over again! I had all the same concerns and feelings as you do and as probably did focus groups because most of what you don’t like gets addressed later in the series or in some cases, completely dropped. Keep on keepin on.

  2. You do get to see more characters from the background in a later season, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Be careful what you wish for and just realise that the show works best following the core characters we’re introduced to from the start.

  3. no way, there’s only so much you can learn about a person, rehashing it over and over again does get boring. focus on how the different characters, the main and secondary, are linked together on and off the island.

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