Top albums of 2007, getting closer

#20 Bedouin Soundclash; Street Gospels

The closest to reggae I will ever get.
standout track: 04-trinco-dog.mp3

#19 Justice; Cross

Sounds life Daft Punk’s younger punk kid sister.
standout track: 06-phantom-pt-ii.mp3

#18 Enon; Grass Geysers…Carbon Clouds

Never a dull moment. The alternation of the voives totally does it for me.
standout track: 11-enon-labyrinth.mp3

#17 A Place to Bury Strangers; A Place to Bury Strangers

This stuff is really dark and scary. I imagine this is what “goth” kids listen to.
standout track: 06-breathe.mp3

#16 Kenna; Make Sure They See My Face

Angsty and electronicy.
Standout track: 10-better-wise-up.mp3

#15 Calla, Strength in Numbers

I am bad at explaining music. Their previous albums were super depressing, this is just as depressing but with more melody-driven stuff.
Standout track: 12-simone.mp3

#14 Editors; The End Has A Start

This is what Interpol SHOULD sound like.
Standout track: smokers-outside-the-hospital-doors.mp3

#13 The View; Hats Off to the Buskers

I definiately heard this in 2006, but it was officially released in the US this year. Again, the US has no taste and never really picked up on their awesomeness.
Standout track: 03-same-jeans.mp3

#12 The Raveonettes, Lust Lust Lust

Genius.I read a review somewhere that said this band is a perfect soundtrack to a David Lynch movie. Also, their imitation of the Jesus and Mary Chain is at times actually better than actual J&MC.
Standout track: 10-sad-transmisson.mp3

#11 The Comas; Spells

Sometimes I don’t understand why they are not as popular on the radio as Rihanna and the other stuff.
Standout track: 03-now-im-a-spider.mp3

Any predictions about what my top 10 are?


One thought on “Top albums of 2007, getting closer

  1. Justice is really that good? I’m surprised to see that here. I can’t agree with The Editors. I found this album disappointing. Their first was much better.

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