I think I might be dead inside.

I changed the template again because some of you were having trouble viewing the youtube videos. And some other formatting stuff.

I think I might be dead inside because I was in a full theater for a showing of Juno and there was sniffles and tears near the end. Uh, what? It was not a movie that at all touched me. In fact, I thought everything about it was trying too hard. I think it was trying to be a female version of Napolean Dynamite, with it taking place in a small midwestern town with a quirky teenage lead who utters one liners that the promoters are trying waaaayyyy to hard to make catchphrases. The writing was totally bad, with things happening for no reason. Michael Cera was supposed to be a lead? His characer was barely in it, and really didn’t add much to the story (but was adorable, of course). Boom, Juno was suddenly in love with him for no reason why. The whole Vanessa/Mark thing resolved waaaaay to easy, like suddenly they have a fight and then suddenly she’s having a nice glass of wine and he’s all “so, divorce, that’s all settled.” For a short time I thought she was going to suddenly decide to keep the baby after all, and if that happened I may have stormed out. At least she still gave it up. I think this was still a subversive anti-abortion message veiled in a hipster indie film, much like Knocked Up.

Speaking of Judd Apatow, someone needs to tell him he is not god’s gift and to stop greenlighting his movies- my next stop on my holiday movie marathon was Walk Hard, and oh my god this movie was a piece of shit.  It maybe got two chuckles from me, the rest was painful. The whole punchline was maybe worth a three minute SNL sketch, if that. What a mess. The only thing going for it was the stunt casting, and seeing Jack White as a puffy Elvis was worth the $7.50 I guess. I can’t believe I am saying this, but even the Jewish jokes went a bit far- and I am always the first to make fun of the Jews.

Over the next few days I am planning on seeing Atonement, Sweeney Todd, and I’m Not There. I will probably be let down.


3 thoughts on “I think I might be dead inside.

  1. Uhh sorry to have missed this but I totally agree. I sat in “Walk Hard” for like 20 mins and I think the Jew jokes will be taken TOTALLY the wrong way in other places. But I guess they knew that and want that. JUNO bites the big one. The character was too crafted, styled, and hip.

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