Lost update

Okay, finally got through Season One, although it dragged at the end there.

Season Two: HOLY CRAP. Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s like a whole new writing crew. The Dharma Initiative thing? Awesomeness. I am over Jack and his god complex and his need to control everyone. Also, everytime we see him sitting staring off into the distance and Kate plops herself next to him for a chat, I want to gouge my eyes out. Locke, who I didn’t like before, is pretty kick-ass. However, I wish the female characters were a bit more courageous and athletic. Kate just volunteers to do everything because she wants in Jack’s pants, Claire cried about her baby, and Shannon just changes clothes. Whenever there is a problem they run and get Sayid, and Locke always saves everyone. Were there all wimpy females on this plane? At least not in the front of the plane….At first I didn’t want there to be any mysical, scifi stuff and wanted everything to be based on reality, but that black smoke monster thing has me intrigued.

Bear with me here…the whole plot turn really reminds me of a Christopher Pike book. (He was a kickass teen horror writer in the late eighties/early nineties.) Something about the mix of science and deception and the strange black cloud thing in the jungle. His books would always reveal some weird sci-fi plot in the end having to do with some government experiment or weird altered reality. I can’t quite explain it, but maybe those of you that read his stuff can see it too.


3 thoughts on “Lost update

  1. I’ve only got through season 2 as well. I’m hoping to have season 3 finished by the 31st of January..when Season 4 debuts.


  2. In seasons 2 and 3 some very strong female leads emerge. keep watching. I’m doing the same thing Brian’s doing…of course I’ve seen ’em all …but got to stay on top of this story!

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