2008- looking good already

I’ve already heard several great albums from 2008, and this is one of them. Funny, I never really liked the Magnetic Fields before this. Stepen Merritt, the brainchild behind the MFs, is kind of an overrated songwriter. It was kind of an indie-rock staples that I never really understood. Arguably this album sounds very similar to their others, but it’s the only one I like and it’s frigging good. You know how I am bad at decribing music, but it sounds kind of like a modern synth-pop version of the Beach Boys.

Also, I am deleting the link in a few days. Click here and change the “xx” to “tt.


2 thoughts on “2008- looking good already

  1. What others have you heard? I was just perusing the new release list, and I didn’t see much. The Feeling and Goldfrapp have new albums coming out, which I’m looking forward to.

  2. Goldfrapp is alright. I’ve heard some punk stuff that has been good. I’ve also loved Sons and Daughters, but the new Nada Surf is disappointing. I am not a fan of the Feeling, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

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