Top albums of 2007, the final 10

I guess with it being the last day of 2007 I should get a move on with this, huh?


#10 Soundtrack, Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof

I usually don’t put soundtracks on these lists because it is usually a random collection of songs that the producer threw in the movie. But Quentin Tarantino usually takes the soundtracks very seriously, and can find semi-obscure songs that fit the movie perfectly. These songs illustrate the movie perfectly and are awesome.
Standout track(s): 16-chick-habit.mp3 /02-baby-its-you.mp3

#9 I’m From Barcelona, Let Me Introduce My Friends

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I feel like this is one of those kids’ sing-along-records because it’s so catchy. I love those Swedes.
Standout track(s): 03-were-from-barcelona.mp3

#8 Amy Winehouse, Black to Black

How can this not be on here? I still hold my ground that her “persona” is fabricated to create an ilage.
Standout track(s): 05-back-to-black.mp3

#7 Mary Onettes, The Mary Onettes

I am not even sure how I found out about this band. But seriously, they sound straight out of 1984. And I mean that in a good way.
Standout track(s): 09-the-mary-onettes-under-the-guillotine.mp3

#6 The Go! Team, Proof of Youth

Everything they touch is gold. I thought their first album was fantastic, this one was ten times better. Can’t wait to see what they do next. I was also lucky enough to see them live this year. I felt like I was getting baptized.
Standout track(s): 10-flashlight-fight.mp3

#5 Alaska in Winter, Dance Party in the Balkans

I am actually surprised that I like this. This is the kind of stuff I usually loathe. But it is refreshing to me that people still can and wan to make music like this.
Standout track(s): alaska-in-winter-dance-party-in-the-balkans-09-staring-at-the-sun.mp3

#4 Bloc Party, A Weekend in the City

I can’t believe I was disappointed when this came out, I must have not listened hard enough. I like the level of fame that Bloc Party are now. I’m a little scared because their upcoming single “Flux” is a bit, shall we say, TECHNO, but I am sure that they will continue their trail of awesomeness.
Standout track(s): 02-hunting-for-witches.mp3

#3 Blonde Redhead, 23

This is beatiful, depressing, and haunting.
Standout track(s): 02-dr-strangeluv.mp3

#2 M.I.A. Kalla

This is probably the only hip-hoppish album you will ever see on any list of mine. This was a close contendor for my top spot. I also listended to this constantly as I was moving and when I first got here, and it got me through some rough stuff.
Standout track(s): 05-hussel-feat-afrikan-boy.mp3 / 11-paper-planes.mp3

#1 The White Stripes – Icky Thump

Some people say that the White Stripes keep releasing albums too quickly, but you know what? Each album is better than the last. Jack White is so prolific, it sounds like he may have written these songs in one sitting. Some of them are very structured, melodic, almost radio-friendly tunes, others are just some hardcore jam sessions. To quote Reen Big Fish, why do they rock so hard?
Standout track(s): 12-catch-hell-blues.mp3 / 04-conquest.mp3

3 thoughts on “Top albums of 2007, the final 10

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to see your list…

    10. An unusual choice indeed. I haven’t heard a thing from it.
    9. I should give them a listen; they sound like fun.
    8. Love it. My #1.
    7. Never heard of the Mary Onettes, but this sounds really cool, like ’80s new wave. I like the cover–it looks like the NW.
    6. This seems too hyper for me. I don’t know.
    5. The song you put up as a sample is gorgeous, but when I listened to the rest of the clips on iTunes I wasn’t sold. Of the albums in your top 10 I haven’t heard, this is probably the second most interesting after Mary Onettes.
    4. We’ve already discussed how you like this album more than I did. It’s pretty good, but not top 10 for me.
    3. Same thing here. I do really like the opening track though.
    2. Seems very unusual for you. I know the critics loved this. I haven’t heard it.
    1. I should’ve known. Good choice.

    So, why isn’t Radiohead on your list? Have you listened to In Rainbows? I really like it a lot, and I think you should give it a chance if you haven’t already.

  2. I’ve listened to In Rainbows, and I didn’t love it. The kast Radiohead album I liked was OK Computer, if that says anything.

    It seems we’ve had significant overlap on our lists but different order. A lot of the pop stuff you have on your list I’ve never heard, because I have no exposure to it. I should make an effort more. I have nothing against pop music if it’s good.

    I’ve been listening the shit out of Kylie’s new album at the gym.

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