it sucks to come home

Hello, I know I promised to blog from Vegas but damn, I was just having too much fun. You’d be proud, I stayed out past ten every night I was there. Be on the lookout, this weekend I am going to sit down and write about my adventures. I hope you all enjoyed my text updates. Which leads me to…my phone broke! I can’t text! It’s the Armageddon! I’m getting a new phone, stat. May be an excuse to get the Voyager.

I’ll bet you were wondering what French child pop singer Jordy was up to these days. Also, I watched I Know Who Killed Me, and I killed myself. Also watched Shoot ‘Em Up and it was basically Clive Owen porn. Him running around shooting people set to indie music. I could watch that for hours.

Yes, yes, yes, I know Lost premieres tonight and no, I won’t be able to watch it. I’ll dl it and watch it over the weekend. I miss my friends, but not Jack or Kate. I want to see what crazy ol’ Desmond is up to these days. I did catch the premiere, and I was not impressed. I guess watching it week to week is not good, but it crawls along slowly. The whole secret the “Oceanic 6” is covering up could be interested, and it would be good to see more characters.


starring Kate’s perkiness and Matthew’s shirtlessness

Really, were their people hankering for a How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days reunion? The fact that this shit gets greenlighted in Hollywood makes me lose hope for humanity. And it’s not funny. Can the actors actually film this and sleep at night? Isn’t there some gaffer working on this who can’t help himself during filming and declare the suckiness?


I really was trying to ignore the band MGMT, and now I have let my guard down and this album really should have been in my top ten of 2007. I have tried to not like it because I actually know the band. Not that they could pick me out of a lineup, but I have interacted with them when they went to school at a place a I used to work. I found them to be stand-offish and a little bit hipster elitist. (Exhibit A) The one guy was shirtless and wearing a fur stole, for one. But, their stuff is just too good to resist. Their album Oracular Spectacular is a perfect blend of radio-friendly pop melodies, electronica and quirkiness. These two songs are the best on the album. You’ll want to listen to “kids” on a loop. I did.



The Ten!

Oh my gawd, The Ten is on dvd.

It’s like Wet Hot American Summer 2. THe cast is my wet dream. It includes every member of The State, and a parade of people to perv on, inclusind Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Liev Schrieber, Jason Sudeikas, Ken Marino, Adam Brody, and Mather Zickel (a.ka. Mike Powers). Fucking fantastic. And that’s no goof!

The “j” is silent

Oh, Reno 911!. Sometimes crosses over from satire to just mean, but not too often thank god. I’ll overlook the whole arresting-Dangle-and-his-husband- thing because of course, Terri and his “girfriend” Christina Applegate are my new favorite couple.