It’s official! I’ve given birth!

I just officially adopted the cat I have been fostering over the past five months. I was still on the fence about it but the humane society called me today and said someone else was interested in her and I snatched those dreams away from them and claimed the cat for my own. The only probably is…she still doesn’t have a name. I’ve been calling her “puppy”, “ignorant slut””cutie” and “hey”, all of which don’t really work for permanent names. I’ve been thinking about giving her a Sweet Valley High name, but I don’t know. Anyone have any ideas? She’s kind of an attention whore, she grunts a lot, and she likes to watch me shower, if that helps with her personality.


10 thoughts on “It’s official! I’ve given birth!

  1. Hooray for your adopting a kitty from the Humane Society! She is so beautiful! I vote for ‘Lila’ or ‘Jade’. Best of luck with your sweet baby! <3

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  3. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, ihatewheat — she’s a beauty! :)

    I kinda like ““ignorant slut” although it’s a tad long — maybe you could call her “Jane” as in “Jane, you ignorant slut.” [SNL recovered memory surfacing]

    FWIW I adopted a one year old pup named Jade a few months ago. However, she arrived with name firmly attached and is also an ignorant slut.

    Or, how about “Olivia”?

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