Lost update

Just finished Season 2…holy smokes. All I can say is that they know how to keep my attention, I’ve probably watched this whole season over the course of three days. I can’t imagine watching it week to week because they really drag out a story. Um, I’d probably go and join the Others because they get.shit.done. As compared to the main posse, who spends too much time on their high school drama. Kate is really useless and she better start growing some balls or I will start loathing her character. I love how Claire takes Charlie back only about a week after he….almost kills her baby. Is anyone going to talk about the weird black smoke monster thing? I think the writers forgot about that. I didn’t realize that Autralia has a population of 3 because people keep running into each other. I STILL can’t get around the believability that they are plane crash survivors. Where the hell does Kate keep getting her clothing changes? Everyday she pops up with a new tunic or a new American Apparel tank. And I’m just gonna say it because I keep thinking about it…I really hope someome found a whole crate of tampons…because that would really suck for the ladies. And WHO are these other 30 or so people camping on the beach? Do they get names? Are none of them fed up with Jack’s bullshit dicatatorship and try to do something? Oh, I guess they are not attractive enough. Are you telling me that not gay people were on this plane? The button in the hatch is bananas!! I also want to start a drinking game where you take shots when the following things happen: someone runs like the wind through the jungle, someone conveniently runs into someone else while traipsing through the jungle, someone has another clothing change, someone asks for a gun, etc., etc.

On to Season 3 tomorrow, although I do need a break. Apparently I misunderstood my supervisor because I thought I had off work this week but APPARENTLY I just found out about a meeting tomorrow that I am presenting at. WOOPS!

Yea, that and I also got Season 1 of The Tudors. I have already seen the first 2 eps, and I am not that impressed. Jonathan Rhys Myers and his bug eyes make my ovaries shrivell up.  But maybe I will stick with it for the man on man historial action.


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