The Year in Consumerism

Although I denouce it, I am still a consumer. I have gotten much better about what I purchase, and give myself a long reflection on “do I REALLY need it?” which usually works. But I figured I love year end lists, so why not make another one. Here are the material objects that I’ve acquired that have made me happy. Money can buy a little but of happiness. (This does not include the purchase of movies or books.) I am not trying to flaunt my ability to buy these things, just an excuse to make another year-end list.

  • My macbook: it’s so cute and sleek, and I love being able to do stuff for work and blog at places other than my house.
  • My flatscreen tv: I debated getting this forever, and before this I would watch movies on my macbook, which didn’t do it for me. I still feel guilty about making such a big expense but hey it is really great to watch Battlestar and Lost on it.
  • Numerous pairs of American Apparel leggings: Yes, American Apparel is a cliche, but I should invest stock in it, I own so much from them. Leggings are one trend I did buy into and I am not letting go. They are just too damn comfortable.
  • All my furniture in my apartment, but especially this chair, because it is super comfortable and in my favorite color. (What? I did NOT pay that proce. What is with IKEA and inflation?)
  • Various Lichtenstein prints, and now my apt is like a pop art gallery.
  • My AC transit yearly pass, because I fricking love public transpo.
  • Shoes: these vans and these Doc Marten boots. (Seriously, between the Docs and the leggings, I am dressing like I did in high school. Next thing you know I’ll be bringing back Contempo Casuals.) Oh, and my Crocs. Don’t hate!
  • My Sigrid Olsen jacket (not quite that print, but kind of)
  • Roller Barbie. No explanation needed.
  • The SanDisk clip- because I don’t need bells and whistles and video and album displays on my MP3 player, I just need to listen to music.
  • All the money I spent on my plane ticket, UPS shipping my stuff, etc. to get the hell out of Connecticut.

Hmmm, I didn’t intend for this post to be some sort of bragging about my ability to be able to buy these things, because believe me, I paid my dues by being miserable in Connecticut for three years and justofying my being there by saving money like crazy.

Now that my apartment stuff is settled, the only big expenses I want to make in 2008 is traveling. I really need to get off my but and see things, and also visit lots of people. Mark my words.


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