this blog should be called “I hate.”

Something I have to get off my chest, because this really pisses me off. As I have mentioned, I usually don’t talk about music much with people because they usually never heard of stuff I listen to, and I get frustrated because they listen to Rihanna or something. So, once in a while, someone will take interest and actually ask me to make some cds for them as a way to discover new music. Nothing pleases me more! I actually sit and take a big chunk of time and go through my music collection and actually pick out stuff that I think they would like, based on them as a person and based on what I think they would like. It’s actually a labor of love. It’s actually the only way I can actually show true emotion towards someone. Okay, I am done, and I present it to the person, and sometimes I’ll even take the time to write up descriptions of the artists and why that person will like them. I present it with a wink and a smile, and hope for the best.

And then the fucker doesn’t even try. They either don’t even bother listening, or maybe tell me, “Oh, I liked the Madonna album on there.” (Because I almost always throw in Confessions). So, why did you EVEN FUCKING ASK ME to help you discover new music if you are just going to listen to the one artist you’ve already heard of? This is why I rarely talk about music to people.

Also, if you are reading this and thinking I am talking about you, I’m not. I wouldn’t give this blog address to people who do that.


4 thoughts on “this blog should be called “I hate.”

  1. That blows! If you want to try again, I’d love suggestions. I need new music. I need stuff to help me pych myself up enough to walk in the door to work most days. Right now, Mary J. Blige has to do that every morning with ‘work that’ and now she’s all, like, dude – work it your damn self. It’s rough. Sorry Robdog. It’s so frustrating when people don’t appreciate the hard work you’ve done.

  2. I must say your are like an experienced Sommelier when it comes to the selections and orchestration you execute with your mix cds. I STILL HAVE two that you made me. One of which introduced me to the Walkmen and stopped me from constantly playing the Pixies Live from the BBC album on a loop.

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