Just finished Season 3 of Lost, so I am all caught up! Although I do feel emotionally raped. I know it is suspense, but how many times are they going to use the old, trust this person but at the end of the episode we find out they are really not to be trusted. No one is who they seem! We get it! I also wish no guns were involved in the plot, because every episode someone is brutally gunned down and then there is about 30 seconds of the character showing remorse. Kids who play Grand Theft Auto supposedly get desensitized to the violence, but after watching this I wouldn’t blink next time I hear a gunshot (which is actually not uncommon in the parking lot outside my window).

I’m over the Kate/Sawyer/Jack love triangle. I never saw anything transpire between Jack and Kate in the mere two months that convinced me that they really had a connection or whatever. They need to spend more time thinking about how to get the hell off the island, instead of leaving poor Bernard to do it himself. That infuriated me, btw. Ben is fucking crazy and I love it. Is it wrong that I was glad Mr. Eko bought it? I was tired of his condescending religious speeches.

I know more characters from the freighter will be introduced in Season Four, and I think that will be good. I liked the intro of the survivors from the tail-end of the plane, although they all ended up dead. And can we actually see Hurley as not a butt of all jokes and as a pathetic fat person? That’s tired. Can we get a woman besides Kate to actually step up and take charge? When one does, they get crucified as a beotch and then shot (Ana Lucia) or put back in their rightful subordinate place (Sun). The gender dynamics are messed up.

As far as all the survivors of the crash being connected in some way, either meeting up or being siblings, I hope that is not just coincidence, and that there is some larger plot twist where they all were put on the plane for a reason. Because that would be dumb. Then again, the black smoke monster and Desmond’s fortune telling already teeters on the edge of cheesy sci fi explanations.

I think the glimpses into the future are the way to go instead of the flashbacks. It be good to see the survivors dealing being back in civilization while the last few seasons explain some sort of rescue.

For now, I’m perusing Lostpedia.


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