um, thanks?

I got a weird “compliment” today…someone told me I dressed like a toddler. Like a “cool” toddler. The reason was because I usually wear leggings and cotton dresses and slip on flats. So, no buckles or ties or zippers. I call it “lazy chic.” I think I kind of hate the person who said that to me.

The same day, someone else told me, “you wouldn’t think it, but you are really good at speaking in front of large groups”. Can people PLEASE learn how to give compliments?


One thought on “um, thanks?

  1. Agreed. People need to think before they speak. I had (a now ex) boyfriend say to me (and he meant this in a good way…it just sounded horrible) “Wow. You don’t look that bad naked.” Hm.

    On the other side, I too have given ‘bad’ compliments. My friend recently got engaged, and in my jet-lagged state, I told her that her engagement ring was great because it wasn’t too big. I meant it in a good way – like, I hate those big ol’ gaudy rings, but it came out like I was calling her fiance cheap. What can I say, I was tired.

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