Happiness = marriage

I don’t know where my obsession with 27 Dresses is coming from. And my obsession with hating it. I think for me, it embodies all that is evil in mass pop culture. And Katherine Heigl just got on her high horse complaining how sexist Knocked Up was, decides to lead the feminist movement by doing this movie. Anyway, Jezebel has a roundup of the horrid things about it, which I enjoyed. One reviewer had the same idea that I did, which is going in with a checklist of cliches. Maybe I will do it.

I am also using it as a barometer of if I will be friends with a person or if they are dead to me. I was talking to a friend about the movie and we were thinking of going to see it to make fun of it, and th other people we were hanging out with (mostly women) overheard and gushed, “ooohhh my god I want to see it, it looks sooooooo good!” I no longer talk to them.


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