I really was trying to ignore the band MGMT, and now I have let my guard down and this album really should have been in my top ten of 2007. I have tried to not like it because I actually know the band. Not that they could pick me out of a lineup, but I have interacted with them when they went to school at a place a I used to work. I found them to be stand-offish and a little bit hipster elitist. (Exhibit A) The one guy was shirtless and wearing a fur stole, for one. But, their stuff is just too good to resist. Their album Oracular Spectacular is a perfect blend of radio-friendly pop melodies, electronica and quirkiness. These two songs are the best on the album. You’ll want to listen to “kids” on a loop. I did.




4 thoughts on “MGMT

  1. I avoided them for similar reasons. I saw photos of them and they were like naked sitting in a river..baaarf. They were one of RollingStone’s 10 artists to watch this year which should be as good as a death sentence.

  2. I can’t believe you just posted about MGMT! I almost texted you yesterday to ask you if you liked this band. I’ve been listening to “Time to Pretend” all week thinking about getting the album and wondering whether you’d heard of it. Crazy.

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