Kathrine Heigl, you are on my shitlist

One, for not having sufficient amount of vowels in your name. Two, for complaining that her character in Knocked Up is offensive to women. Then, after that rant, starring in the monstrosity 27 Dresses and renewing her contract on Grey’s Anatomy. If she is so into having good roles for women, what the hell? Then she signs on to what sounds like to be the straight-to-video sequel to How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days:

A cute but chauvinistic on-air TV stud (Gerard Butler) enlists his perfect-but-somehow-still-single producer (Katherine Heigl) to jump through hoops in the real dating world, thus hopefully proving all his theories about love are right on.

Oh my god. Do ya think they get together in the end? Do you think there will be a wacky montage of all her disasterous dates? Do you think there will be a Jewel song on the soundtrack?


One thought on “Kathrine Heigl, you are on my shitlist

  1. Wacky montage definitely, just to pass them through and not having to see all of them. They will definitely get together. I really hate Heigl’s character on Grey’s. I mean she slept with a married man for god’s sake! And i hate Knocked up in a way i cannot even describe. I can;t beleive studios spend that amount of money filming shit! because that script was that. Another movie i hate, same line: Good luck chuck. jessica alba needs to stop acting, she is not any good

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