Super Tuesday

I love how my peer generation and even younger seem to be incredibly excited about the upcoming elections. I love nothing more to engage in conversations about it and to hear people’s opinions and why they support said candidate. However what does irk the shit out of me is the barrage of facebook messages and email that just state “VOTE FOR OBAMA!”. Like getting these messages commanding me to do something will cause me to completely override any thoughts of my own about candidate issues. It’s like I am in a high school government election with “Erik 4 Prez” signs all around me.


3 thoughts on “Super Tuesday

  1. Do you know why they don’t write anything more than “Vote for Obama”? Because they have NO IDEA WHAT HE STANDS FOR! Sorry for shouting, but seriously. Obama is for change. Change from what? More importantly, change TO what? He is so non-specific about his platform that I wonder if he even knows.

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