I started watching Torchwood, and I am torn. Think Queer as Folk meets the X-Files. Some episodes are really profound, others make my literally cringe from the awkwardness of the staging and dialogue. After about six episodes, I’ve totally detected a formula used in every episode.

*Gwen fucks something up reeased n alien and they have to scramble around to fix it

*Two or more of the characters experience sexual tension

*They travel to a busy bar/club/marketplace to apprehend said alien

*Captain Jack flashes his pearly whites and delivers a catchphrase

*They realize that things are not what they seem

*Gwen disobeys orders to investigate something that she feels in her gut, despite the others scoffing at it

*The crew is trapped by alien of the week, and death is absokultey certain; Captain Jack shakes his fist in the air and curses humanity

*Some impossible twist of fate or coincidence occurs to get them out of the situation

*one of the crew is deeply affected by the turn of events and Captain Jack comforts them at a location that overlooks the city


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