Well, what an adventure! Getting off the BART, I so could so tell who was going and who was not. No judgement though!

I was really mad that I didn’t come in costume. Maybe tomorrow when I go I will go naked, spray paint my body blue, and go as Mystique. Just a thought. Although I couldn’t tell who half the people were supposed to be.

Big bumblebees?

Creepy blue ninjas who hung out in a corner?

Creepy Cosplay Couple?

The Star Wars people were off the hook.

That group at the full on imperial guard, other people in unform, the senators, etc. Other cool costumes? A group dressed like the Torchwood gang. Although if they were not together, you couldn’t tell. Tons of goth girls dressed like Emily the Strange. Surprise, surprise.

And the celebs! Squee!

David Duchovny on the jumbotron:

John Cho talking about the new Harold and Kumar movie (showed some clips, looks awesome. Commence intense crush on John Cho. Notice the magical glow around his aura).

Then there was the “celeb” area of the exhibition room that I couldn’t go near because it was just too painful…Lou Ferrgno, The original Hulk was totally hamming it up.

As I was walking by to find the restroom, I made eye contact with some guy at his booth who apparently used to be a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, and when we looked at each other, I saw the look of pure deperation and longing to hold on to those couple of episodes ten years ago. Yeesh.

I was outside taking a smoke break down on some steps leading down to a service entrance and who plops down next to me but Peter Mayhew (the original Chewbacca), who to tell you the truth, does not look good. I was dying to ask if he is making a living off being Chewbacca all these years and relying on these appearances. I mean, who am I to judge? I’d probably do the same thing.

What else? Took a lot of willpower not to by tons of stuff. There were action figures I had no idea were even action figures.

6 thoughts on “Wondercon!

  1. And the Bumble Bees are the henchmen of The Monach (a bad guy who dresses like a butterfly) It’s a character from this animated series “The Venture Brothers”.
    Cobra Comandos are from G.I. Joe! You should dress like a My Little Pony!

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