please tell me this is a hoax

I don’t even think this is a real movie, I think someone just spliced clips of 27 Dresses The Wedding Planner The Wedding Date My Best Friend’s Wedding Enchanted Sweet Home Alabama together and shat out this abomination. People will not validate my outrage and tell me to get over it, that this is a just a fluff of a movie and to just go and watch it as a guilty pleasure. I’m sorry, relaxing is the last thing I can do when Hollywood promotoes more gendered stereotypes, homophobia as comedy, and the rich white people as the heroes.


  • a wedding as a plot device
  • womanizer receives validation for being promiscuous
  • characters are rich and living in NYC (and are probably ad executives)
  • character is mistaken as gay and that’s funny
  • shopping montage
  • nerds are ridiculed

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