so gay

Thank you to whatever higher power decided that I should get the VH1 Classic Channel. No Flava Flav, Top model, just kickass videos from the eighties and early nineties. And whole blocks of metal videos that take me back to the days when I would tape Headbanger’s Ball on the VCR. Even the passage of 10 years makes me cringe at what used to be cool. What will we think of ourselves in 10 years?

Heavy metal of the early nineties was supposedly this uber-hetero display of masculinity, but I would say there are some major gay elements to it. Forget the copious amounts of makeup and haorspray, but the moves and the appearances are megagay.

Exhibit A: Winger’s “Headed For a Heartbreak”. The production value of this video is AMAZING. I remember I used to be obsessed with the dress she is wearing with the heavy shoulderpads and keyhole to show cleavage. At one point it looks like Kip Winger is wearing leggings and an off the shoulder purple tee shirt. CLASSIC.

The Cult is quite awesome and still is today. However, you cn’t help but be drawn to Ian Astbury’s flowing locks (what conditioner does he use) fringed leather pants and sultry moves.


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