the use of wigs is getting ridiculous

Ok, I am not sure if I like the way Lost is going…I think their are sci fic elements of the show that is cool, but the time travel business makes it a bit ridiculous. The writers are genius in that they have so many stories going and so many theories that tie it together that it makes you keep watching! And after three seasons, there are still so many questions. What the FUCK is the black smoke monster? What is the Dharma Initiative really? What do those people want with Ben? How does he get off the island unoticed? How the hell did John Locke’s father get on the island? Will we ever read the log of the Black Rock? Is it just merely a coincidence he was the same one that conned Sawyer’s parents? And that Claire and Jack are siblings? Why was there a cover up by Oceanic? DAMN YOU JJ ABRAMS! I’M HOOKED!

Notice: Kate’s cleavage, Sayid’s pecs, and Sawyers dimples.


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