Ignore the cheesy sci-fi poster ad campaign, but oh my god Sunshine was incredible and barely got any sort of theater release. I don’t know why just suddenly in the lat few years I’ve become a sci fi fantatic. Maybe I am getting sick of the unrealistic rom com stupid comedy stuff, and I’d rather have the unrealistic space travel/time travel alien stuff. I love the director Danny Boyle (also did Trainspotting) and with writer Alex Garland makes fucking awesome movies (they also did 28 Days Later and The Beach*). The story is not a new one, kinf of a combo of 2001, Mission to Mars, and my favorite book ever, Season of Passage. I sincerely hope Alex Garland goes back to writing novels, but at a book signing once he claimed that from the paycheck he got from selling the rights to The Beach, he never has to work again. Damn.

* The Beach is a very underrated movie, and one of the better movies adapted from a novel (also awesome).


4 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Sunshine is a great movie, exactly how sci-fi should be. The near end with the other captain was creepy but a bit of a let down, but the very very ending is absolutely superb.

    Did you see the Fountain yet? Event Horizon?

  2. I loved Sunshine – it made it to my top ten of 2007 – even with the bizarre ending that was a bit of a let down – glad you enjoyed it. I’ve thought of reading Season of Passage – since it’s your favorite book every I’ll move it up the list!

  3. you have been so ridiculously right on in every opinion i have read through.
    music sucks so hard today. vampire weekend? what is that all about???? if i have to hear nick hartcourt say their name again i think i’m going to jump off a building. don’t get me started on scarlett and the other one.

    however, sunshine rocks so hard. i watched it 3 times in the theater and actually cried. CRIED. check out the website they have all this back information on the characters that is actually pretty cool.


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