thank you for ruining it for me.

I really hate these bitches. You already know I hate them individually. But I hate all the smug mdia appearances for their steaming pile of crap movie, The Other Boleyn Girl. I don’t know why I even went to see it, I knew it would blow. But I had no choice, it’s one of my favorite books ever. The book can be construed as a overly dramatic soap opera, however it does show the role of women and claims to political power. In the book, the sisters were about thirteen and their father pimped them out to the King of England to gain status for the family. Esentially, the girls were commanded by their father to allow the king to rape them. There was no love involved. The king was an overly maniacal, aging immature asshole. The rivalry was about happiness and status in the family and their worth in the court of the King of England. It was about their loyalty and struggle with the current Queen, Katherine.

Of course Hollywood turns it into a LOVE STORY. And even Mary’s first marriage, they had to qualify it in the movie that they were in love. In the book she was 12 and basically sold to the family for the highest bidder. Sometimes I don’t even know why books are made into movies. Because people run out of ideas? And I guess I can’t mad that they changed a lot of plot- the book is like 900 pages. But there were obvious plot holes- like what the fuck happened to Mary’s first husband? And her baby? It was never mentioned! And her marriage to Stafford came out of the blue!

Seriously, it was like the screenplay was based on a book report a fifth grader did and then someone wrote cliff’s notes of that, and then they handed out a script. Maybe they ran out of money paying the actresses, becaue it would have been awesome to see the different castles and homes that everything is supposed to take place in. Plus, how can anyone who not read the book even understand their place in court? There is actually a structure set up for who serves in what court.

The character of George Boleyn was cut to almost nothing. In the book, he was actually gay and having an affair with a man, which was another reason he was executed. How DARE anyone actually mention that in the book.

Seriously? Nice try ladies, but your acting still sucks. Scarlet should never do period pieces. She still talks like she is on the streets of Williamsburg. And they like shaved her eyebrows off or something. Also, she is still a heinous pompous asshole who is auctioning off herself for charity.

Anyway, I’m over it. I really am.

4 thoughts on “thank you for ruining it for me.

  1. I decided to not see this film and instead yesterday bought the book because I realized how intrigued I was by the subject matter (fictionalized or otherwise) so I was glad to read that you loved this book. I’ve never read a book quite like this before, so I have no idea what I’m going to think but I’m excited…we’ll see.

    I’m also interested in reading an actual biography or history on the whole boleyn thing -any good recommendations for this story in the non-fictionalized category?

  2. Is the movie really that bad? I just read the book a few weeks ago and loved it. I was excited about going to see the movie, but now I’m not so sure :s

    Natalie Portman is ok, but I’m not Scarlet’s biggest fan.

    P.S. I love The Dairi Burger!

  3. Okay, So I read the whole book in 3 nights because it was so engrossing and fascinating.

    Then I went to the movie, even though I said I wasn’t going to, even though I knew it would be horrible.

    This sentence of yours: “Seriously, it was like the screenplay was based on a book report a fifth grader did and then someone wrote cliff’s notes of that, and then they handed out a script” – is the most true sentence anyone has ever written.

    The movie was epically disappointing.

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