We should be dead.

I’ve been hating music lately, and I’ve even resorted to listening to Cyndi Lauper’s greatest hits because I am bored with all my crrent music. One band that has stood out for me is the Irish band We Should Be Dead. Not of the pretentious noise-pop hipster stff, it’s just a throwback to pop and bbblegum music, played on indie instruments.

I’ve uploaded the album “Forget Romance, Let’s Dance” here but I’m taking it down in a few days.


4 thoughts on “We should be dead.

  1. Since I’ve enjoyed some suggestions from your blog, here’s a few I love and you may like, if you don’t already know about:

    I to Sky, by JJ72 (also Irish group)
    Rockferry, by Duffy
    Georgie James (and Laura Burhenn’s album)
    Yesterday Went Too Soon, by Feeder
    Anything by Final Fantasy
    Guillemots, e.g. Trains to Brazil
    Anything by Miss Kittin, e.g. Kittin is High, fff_fff
    Ether Song, by Turin Brakes

    I assume you know about Catatonia? e.g. Strange Glue, Road Rage etc. Oh, and Martha Wainwright is the talented one.

  2. Funnily enough, I saw them at a really small venue here in Cork, Ireland about a month ago. The lead singer is full of beans and really great. Glad you are enjoying them – they have some great tunes.

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