pet peeves: elevator etiquette

Is this stuff too obvious? Is it like saying the pope is Catholic?

As I came up to my apt on the elevator with my groceries, I almost lost my shit. I’d like to make this into a plaque to put up:

– If you love on the second floor, walk for fuck’s sake. The only excuses are: you are in a wheelchair or have luggage with you. And I am just talking about going up. If you are going down, I can’t even deal with that.

-I get to the elevator and press the call button. It’s lit. Someone else comes up and presses it AGAIN. It’s not going to make it come quicker, asshole. Same once we get into the elevator. Someone else comes on going to the same floor as me and presses the same button I just pressed. This makes me foam at the mouth I am so annoyed.

-People that talk on their cell phone in the elevator. The talking on the phone is annoying enough, but then shouting in their phone as they lose service.

-As the elevator door is closing, someone comes in the front gate of my building, which is about a hundred feet from the elevator and they expect me to hold the door, and then stroll on in. If you want me to hold it, at least do the walk jog thing to make sure you are making the effort!


4 thoughts on “pet peeves: elevator etiquette

  1. I ALWAYS PUSH the button even after someone already did….mainly because it’s an elevator bank and if you push it again multiple elevators will activate and I try to take the ones closer to my entrance… but deep down inside I think the elevator like takes note of how many people are waiting by everyone pushing the call button.

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