The emporer’s new band

Seriously everyone? What’s with all the hoopla over the band Vampire Weekend? Am I listening to the same thing that others are? I just don’t get it. It’s like a hoax, like the bonsai kittens website. Someone spread it out as a hoax as an upcoming band and now everyone is too embarassed to say that they don’t care for them.


4 thoughts on “The emporer’s new band

  1. Whew. So glad I’m not alone on this one. I felt like everyone but me was offered (and drank) the magic kool-aid. My co-workers – usually a similar group in what we like musically- are loving this band and I keep having to listen to it. And what is up with the lyrics? If I have to listen to that “Blake’s – got a new face!” bit again Blake really is going to have a new face…

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