i’m jumping off the hype train

I mentioned Vampire Weekend a few posts back, but here is another list of bands that hip bloggers are demanding I listen to, but makes me feel something is wrong with me because they are a total snoozefest:

  • Crystal Castles
  • Beach House
  • Born Ruffians
  • Duffy

Seriously, what am I missing?? Maybe it’s actually happened- I’m too old for this shit?


7 thoughts on “i’m jumping off the hype train

  1. HAHA!! I totes mentioned Beach House and Crystal Castles on the previous VampWeekend post. Uhhhhh Duffy blows. She’s being called a sober Amy Winehouse! WHO wants that? She sings songs about local ferrys in Wales and going round the High Road to get some pasties.

  2. Duffy is really good. I reviewed her album today and I like it a lot. Give it another chance. For you I recommend “Stepping Stone,” “Serious,” and “Hanging on Too Long.”

  3. Duffy has a song called “Rockferry”. She’s talks about moving there…for a man I think. I want my British Isle soulful singers to only sing about blow, pole, drinking and love lost.

    I met the hoe and she performed for us acoustically… total snooze-fest. She’s on the fast track for having her songs be featured in an Old Navy commercial. SORRY Ingrid Michaelson!

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