I hate to get all Wes-Benley-in-American-Beauty on you, but this vision of the dead bird in the brush surrounding the Hyatt pool kind of sums up my journey.


When I go to cities, I like to get a feel for it, to understand it, to recognize the personality of it. Sacramento is fucking creepy. Not like there were serial killers skulking around, but it was just so…bland. I was staying in downtown, literally across the street from the state capital building . And it was a weekday afternoon and completely empty. It was like a set from the Truman Show. It seemed the busiest place was the downtown mall and the Hardrock Cafe. During the day I skipped out and took a walk around, and the streets were peppered with random sandwhich/smoothie shops and chotchke shops. How did they stay in business? Now, I know that I only saw a snippet of Sacramento, and I don’t mean to insult anyone’s prized hometown. But there’s not a chance in hell I would go back.

The reason I was there was for a conference. I always feel strangely zombified after conferences. For any of you that have been to a professional conference for your job, maybe you can sympathize. Sometimes being at a hotel with hundreds or thousands of people in the same profession as you make you insane with regret for what your life has become. I also sit through sessions that are boring and not at all applicable to what I do. I get stupid schwag that I will never again use. The thing that annoys me is that in my profession we supposedly promote healthy ways of coping with stress and life, and spent about 80% of our jobs on dealing with underage drinking. What do people do at these conferences? Drink like fishes and make fools of themselves. People in my profession also have an unhealthy obsession with karaoke. I sat through some smashmouth, Loveshack, and Shania Twain. Shoot me.

I missed Regina terribly, and came home to this cuteness. I had to show off her paw, because it may be the most adorable paw in the history of catness. She’s got a gray spot and dark toes! Plus the puffs of hair coming out from between her toes! Don’t you just want to take a chomp?



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