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Thanks for Andrew for the rec.


Confession: I’ve never actually red Tom Perotta, but I’ve really enjoyed the movies he’s inspired (Little Children, Election). I really like the way he depicts suburban life. He’s not mocking it, but somehow portrays the sometimes mundane privilege of it. I am sure some readers can be frustrated because there is no real final ending. That’s my favorite thing in a novel. A novel should really be just a slice of someone’s life, already in progress, and something that ends but you know the stories and struggles still continue (the walking into the sunset, happily ever after endings are total bullshit). I just really like the way he describes characters. I won’t go into the plot but one character is a former addict who has found Jesus and is in a pretty radical church whose mission is to proselytize and has a conflict with another woman who is agnostic. The easy way would be to describe the character as the crazy Christian, but somehow I could kind of see both sides and perspectives of the characters. Although I like the way things are not resolved, at the same time I wanted t keep reading about these characters. It read like a sublime HBO series about suburbia (very Weeds-esque). Hint, hint, producers.

I’m also starting to read Omnivore’s Dilemma (so is everyone and their mother).


One thought on “just read

  1. I’m so glad you liked it! I agree with what you said about the guy in the book. I was ready to write him off, but came to appreciate his point of view. I loved the chapter on the remedial session for wayward sex-ed teachers. Tom Perrotta read that when I saw him at P&P. I was thinking this would be a film, but your idea to make it a TV series is an interesting one.

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