The cult of Weight Watchers

Ok, so I went to a Weight Watchers meeting. There. I said it. I don’t know why I suddenly went today of all days- maybe I am just looking to have another thing that is scheduled in my week. Admitting I went is hard. It’s no secret that I do not have a model’s body, but maybe going to WW is admitting that I don’t like the way I look. I mean, I am sure others don’t like it, but it’s like announcing to the world that I agree with them about being flawed. I’m giving in.

But, the bottom line is I am going. I’m treating it like an anthropological experiment. I’m like Diane Fosse among the gorillas. On the one hand, I support the mission of WW in that it promotes healthy eating choices and lifestyle changes, and is not a fad diet. At the same time, it’s kind of a cult. People go to meetings and get addicted to going to meetings and talking and thinking about it incessantly. People see any bit of food and immediately start calculating points. Most people who have weight to lose have had an unhealthly relationship with food all their lives, and adding another sort of obsession is kind of counterproductive. People’s worlds are divided into “being good” and “being bad” depending on what they ate that day. During the meeting, one woman, let’s call her Kate, spent about 20 minutes retelling an incident where she ate half a bagel at a work function and she didn’t realze that it had like 6 points or something and how it totally ruined her day and what a disaster and she hated herself for it etc. etc. Yikes! I understand her frustration but this obsession about it really bothered me. I’m not saying just eat it and don’t think about it…but seriously, it’s a bagel.And there is this elderly couple, let’s call them the Parkers, talked to themselves during the whole meeting. And then the husband added his two cents- “I thought Bay GALS were something that men liked.” Why am I doing this?

I feel like we are trying to kid ourselves that the healthy foods taste better- I totally love vegetables and quinoa and some really fresh whole foods- but let’s be serious, things drenched in butter and sauces are obviously way better. Not saying that we shouldn’t be eating the healthy stuff, but let’s not be delusional. Someone took about 10 minutes glorifying the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray as if it were the next coming of the messiah. Please. For most of the core foods that I eat, I have to drench it in salt or Bragg’s seasoning for it to be edible. And that’s the sacrifice. I’m not going to delude myself into thinking the pad thai from the restaurant is something I wouldn’t prefer. But, most vegan healthy foods are pretty good and I’m fine with them, but I’m not pretending they’re something they’re not.

I think I also hate large group meetings with cheesy inspirational leaders, so that’s my problem first. There are always the ones that domninate the meetings, people that ask dumb questions, and people that annoy the crap out of me. Afterwards I had to stay for the new members orientation, and the other people with me were totally baffled by how the points work. Oh my god. Someone shoot me.

According to WW, my goal weight is 108 pounds. Excuse me? Last time I weighed that much I was a senior in high school and I had, oh, I don’t know…A RAGING EATING DISORDER.

I can’t wait to see the comments about this one.


8 thoughts on “The cult of Weight Watchers

  1. Did Diane Fosse teach the gorillas dance moves? I am at a crossroads where I could either join WW or just keep eating to where I qualify for a gastro bypass. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a wall removed in my house so I could be taken via forklift to the hospital.

  2. good for you! I started going to the gym three times a week back in December and I am loving the results. I’ve realized the key to weightloss: judgement of others. Once I realized that the people at the gym were judging me, I started juding them right back… and its made all the difference. I love to go there to people watch now, I”ve made up nicknames for the regulars (the impala, the baboon, huggy bear). Do that with your meetings and it’ll be great

  3. Hm, I’m 18 and 1081b and I’m that way because I don’t eat meat and I watch my CALORIES–not how tasty my foods are. Buy yourself some seasoning if you’re concerned about taste. Seasoning is great because it can make anything taste amazing and it’s zero calories, but even still I won’t deny myself some pretty damn unhealthy shit–I’m in university so I can have a small BKmilkshake for a meal if I want to, but on days where I do that I keep in mind that I just had a freakin’ 700cal breakfast. I might not want to eat very many calories for the rest of the day. So I’ll have a Veggie Burger (400cal) and some black tea(0cal) at night. Just keep yourself busy, go on walks, go work out and look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Calories are everything when it comes to weight loss. Don’t deprive yourself of bagels and icecream, just plan around them if you’re treating yourself. Work your calories down to under 2000 a day, and you’ll do just fine!

  4. 18? I hope that since a few years have passed, you’ve seen a journal of what a real life takes us. I was model thin till 18 years ago, and it humbled me. Weight Watchers is the best, although it still did not take it off of me.

    Hope you’re seeing how aging makes a difference!

  5. Weight Watchers uses the standard healthy weight range used everywhere. Your goal weight is not 108. It has a range depending on gender, weight, height etc.

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