Daniel Clowes is messed up but I love him for it

I’ve been continuing my foray into graphic novels by reading some Daniel Clowes. He is most known for writing Ghost World, which the movie was based on. And you all should know by now that I WORSHIP THE CHARACTER OF ENID. Please tell me I remind you of her even if you don’t believe that.

The movie is pretty awesome and one of the best adapatations of a previously written work that I’ve seen. The novel is fantastic and is really original, and quite touching I might add (the movie also makes me cry).

Then I read David Boring, but the storyline is way out there, whereas Ghost World is a pretty staightforward narrative. It goes from the character being obsessed with his cousin, to an end of the world scenario, to a murder mystery on an abandoned island, to a lesbian kidnapping a lover, to stalking, but all in such a naturalistic tone that the story seems natural. I hear this one is also being turned into a movie, but good luck. I’d be interested in reading more stuff. I love the drawing style.


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