Weight Watchers Week 2

Unfortunately, a lot of the people that were there last time were here this time, but a whole bevvy of annoying people showed up for this meeting. The theme this week was traffic lights, or something. I got there late. We were talking about yellow and red light foods, which I guess means foods that people have to be careful about. So it became a free for all of people shouting out their “bad foods”. Soon people were calling out, “meat!” “pasta!” “girl scout cookies!” “saltines!” “salted nuts!” and salivating and moaning, practically. I’m not sure what this was to accomplish except that we were all thinking about these foods when we left the meeting.

There is a girl in high school there, and she always has to talk for fucking 15 minutes. Someone needs to take her to speech therapy meeting to stop her from saying like avery other word. Apparently, there was some sort of international food fair at her school and she like really really wanted the indian food cuz like it smelled soooooo good, but she was all, I don’t want to eat this but like what should I eat? so she had a fruit salad. The rest of the meeting clapped for her like she cured cancer.

There was girl there who looked about ten years old. I am not going to pass judgement on this girl’s family. Oh but wait, I am. Maybe this was a last resort for them? She seemed to be there with a sister, not a parent. For younger children, I feel like putting them on a point system at that age is fucked up. If she is not eating right, then the family needs to make a change and they all should eat healthier in general and get her involved in physical activities before making her an obsessive point-counter. To make it worse, our leader singled her out and have her a whole bunch of star stickers (which are reserved for when you lose a certain number of lbs- see what I have to look forward to? A fucking star sticker) and told her to giver herself one “everytime she did something good”. She looked mor.ti.fied.

There also seems to be a father and his teenage daughter that attend together, which is not something you expect. They were in front of me at the weigh-in, and after she went, he asked her “how did it go?” (in front of everyone else, mind you) and she looked really upset and said “not so great” and he replied “well, I guess you’ll have to be good this week”. I am getting really irritated by all this “good” and “bad” talk.

I really really wanted to bring breakfast with me to the meeting because it’s pretty early and I was heading right into the city after that, but I was reluctant to because I didn’t want people to judge what I was eating, or worse, ask me how many points it was. Then again, I would like to come in with an egg McMuffin or donuts at the next meeting just to see what people say.

Apparently next week we are going to talk about “trigger feelings”, which I guess means the emotions we feel that make us want to eat. Do you think I should offer up “the fear of dying alone?” as one of them?


4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Week 2

  1. wow. you have to weight yourself in front of everybody every week? That’s harsh. If I weighed myself every week, I’d be really sad that nothing was happening because the change I’d see would be so micro-incremental. I weigh myself once a month so I can see drastic results

  2. I’m so glad you’re doing this ihatewheat, so I can remember what I hate about places like this. I have occasionally thought about doing WW, although I really never seriously consider going to the meetings…I just don’t think I could handle it…the feminist in me would rise up and just freak out one day. That said, good for you for going and for not killing all of these people at one of the meetings. Strangely your “recap of ww” over here reminds me quite a bit of your recaps over on dairi burger. A smart (Enid-like?!) woman telling the truth about what she’s seeing. It helps the comparison that there are a lot of similar themes. Yay for eating disorders!

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